NCdr Releases

NCdr refers to our first releases doing in a totally d.i.y. method: photocopied sleeves, home-made Cdr. Not so professional like the NC Releases Catalogue but fucking cool stuff. At the moment you can’t find all these albums to buy but you can download all this and more from our Bandcamp page.

NCDr 01-V/A “C’è chi di indifferenza muore Volume 1” (2003)

NCDr 02-Ed “Possibilità Deviate” Cdr (2003)

NCDr 03-No White Rag “Fucking Noise” Cdr (2004)

NCDr 04-Esclusi “Attanagliati” Cdr (2005)

NCDr 05-China Lovers “China Lovers” Cdr (2007)



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